Gempa, Deadline Suratkabar Jalan Terus

Sebuah artikel menarik dimuat di The Jakarta Post hari Ahad lalu. Bercerita bagaimana media lokal di Yogyakarta berjuang untuk tetap terbit di tengah musibah gempa dahsyat yang menimpa kawasan itu. Ditulis dengan gaya feature yang renyah.

Every day since the devastating earthquake last Saturday, local media in Yogyakarta have been vying to make their layouts or programs as attractive as possible to entice consumers.

Local newspapers put the most spectacular pictures of displaced people or quake damage on their front pages. Radio stations air non-stop hotlines to allow their listeners to express their grievances, ask for help, report the latest conditions in their destroyed villages, and publicize which supplies they need the most.

But how do these media outlets present everything so seamlessly and professionally? The reality behind the scenes is not as smooth as what you read in the newspaper or hear on the radio.

The old adage, "the show must go on", definitely applies to the media. No matter what the surrounding conditions are, they have to keep putting out their daily publications and programs.

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